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Create New Dreams

I saw this story and thought it related to the days and hours we’re living in:

Once there was a couple who did something radical: they sold their home and all their possessions and bought a sailboat. Their intention was to sail around the world. Once out in the sea, a storm came up and dashed their boat in half. They were able to gather a few items and jump onto their life raft before their sailboat sank into the abyss.

Assuming they would be rescued quickly, they started making plans for what to do once they returned to shore. As they floated, they questioned their future: what would their friends and family say when they told them what had happened? What their first meal would be? And of course, what should their new and improved sailboat would look like?

But days turned into weeks, and they didn’t get rescued.

“When will this end?” They wondered.

They waffled between feeling hope and feeling hopeless, between being scared about the future and feeling optimistic that things would work out fine, just fine.

Day after day, they managed to survive, keeping hold of the dreams of their new sailboat, and seeing their friends and family. What they obsessed about, however, was what their first meal at their favorite restaurant would look like. They discussed and bickered about who they would invite, what they would wear, and what the menu would be. They agreed they would take a limousine. They planned what they would do after dinner.

It wasn’t easy at all, as storms continued to plague them, and the beating sun tried to burn their souls. Not surprising, they sometimes felt lost and alone. But when one of them was scared or frustrated, the other would be the encourager and would keep their dreams alive.

Finally, after four and a half months of not knowing how it would really turn out, they were rescued.

And they went to dinner in a limousine with their family and friends, then bought their dreamed-about yacht (muuuuucccccchhh more comfortable than a sailboat!), and they did indeed accomplish their goal of sailing around the world.

The end.

So…. I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling like I’m out in the middle of a vast unknown that is scary and unpredictable, and the dreams and goals I set for myself for 2020 have sunk into the abyss.

I can tell that we’re all feeling like we’re bobbling along in this same sea.

Just like the couple in the sea, we can’t give up; we need to know the future will happen. Let’s adjust our timeline and start again with planning and dreaming, ok?

We made it through seven weeks of being closed for business, so we know we can make it through anything. As I said earlier, I started this business in 2006, and then two years later there was a horrible recession. We made it through that too. There isn’t a storm that can wipe any of us out!

Stay strong and courageous this month – and always. We really are all in this together, and we’re gonna make it! We’re here to help, listen, and encourage.

Be happy!


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