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Hi everyone! It has been too long since I have touched base. I am sure you have missed reading my lengthy, yet witty emails.

In the last few months, we have changed some things at Smooth Skin Centers: we changed our software, we changed our Clubs, and we changed our pricing.

We have NOT changed our service, our level of love for what we do, and our commitment to giving you a great treatment at a great price.

Fast, effective, and affordable. Want smooth skin? Who ya gonna’ call?

The new software is awesome! It came with an app, so if you have not already downloaded our app, please do so. Here is the link! And did you know you can book online now? It is true! Here is the link to that swell feature.

The new Smooth Skin Club is A-MAY-zing! People LOVE access to all our laser services and esthetics services without having to join one, two, three, or four clubs. The Smooth Skin Club helps us help you achieve smooth skin. If you would like more information about how to save 40-60% off all our laser and esthetics services, call us at 303-750-3100 or book online for an appointment. We will explain how things work, and help you find the best level of membership for you.

“But,” you may wonder to yourself, “I am already almost smooth, and I just need a few more treatments. What then? Do I really have to join this new Club and get roped into a full year?”

“You do not!” I would answer. I would then add, “If you’re an existing client and you’re almost done, and this change in our Clubs has got you a bit confused or disappointed or scared, then come on in and we’ll treat you like we’ve always treated you and charge you what we’ve always charged you (well, almost, since our prices did increase a tiny, little bit”.

I would continue to babble on, “If your Club is already expired, and you don’t want to join the Smooth Skin Club, then we have a plan for you. Just call and get scheduled. You know how we are – not pushy, just pleasant. You’re still family, and we’re sorry if you felt like we turned our back on you”.

OK? 😊 Call us at 303-750-3100, or book online (another nifty new feature we have).

And on to our A-MAY-zing sales for the month:

Get a skin tightening treatment on your face, neck, or décolleté plus a REFRESH and PLUMP Facial plus a FREEEEEE ion detox foot bath or a laser age/brown spot removal treatment. The retail price is $390, but you can get this whole package (which makes a lovely Mother’s Day gift hint hint) for as low as $120! Call us to get the details! 303-750-3100. Please and thank you.

Did you know May is Skin Cancer Awareness month? We have tried to be consistent in reminding you to wear sunscreen only when the sun is in the sky. Even when it is cloudy. Or snowing. Not just when it is a clear sky. The damaging rays break through the clouds and are bad, bad, bad for your skin. We carry Tizo sunscreen as well as Sanitas SunBlock. All our products for sun protection are incredible, and it is the perfect time of the year to stock up for the summer, since the sunscreens and blocks are 10% off this month. If you are a Club member, you will get an added 10, 15, or 20% discount. Woo hoo!

And we have TWO injectables days this month. Friday, May 18, is the first date. We are filming testimonials and treatments that day with our new amazing marketing guru, Deb. If you would like to be bribed into appearing for a few seconds saying how life-changing our services are, or just how neat and friendly we are, and get a laser, esthetics, or injectables treatment on this date, please call and chat with moi so I can schedule the right amount of time.

The second date for injections is Saturday, May 26th, which is the start of Memorial Day weekend. On both of these days, we will have some in-store specials on everything we offer. And remember that as a Smooth Skin Club member, you get 10, 15, or 20% off your Botox and Juvederm…at least!

We look forward to seeing you soon and from hearing from you even sooner.

Be happy,

Beth and the staff

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