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Happy From the Inside Out

So, I’m not a licensed esthetician, doctor, nutritionist, or nurse. But I do have a laser business where I work on skin. I also common sense and access to Google, so with the use of both of these, I know a lot, and I’m learning to share it with anyone who cares to listen (or read, in this case). And I carry Sanitas skin care products, which I believe are the best products on the planet because they are affordable and really really really effective. And I know I'm right.

Specifically, I do laser treatments, using medical-grade, Class IV lasers (which, in case you don’t know, means these lasers can kick some butt). I am really good at what I do, because I follow the directions established by the laser manufacturer. I use the lasers the way they are designed to be used. I don’t make up my own settings or parameters or try to use them for something that I just think they should be good on. I have common sense.

I’ve had the business I have for almost 13 years, and for all I’ve learned, the one thing I’ve learned is that I need to keep learning.

Let me tell you what I realize I need to learn next: I need to learn about the skin.

Because I work with skin. I said this earlier in this post, and I’ve said this for years, and yet…news flash….I don’t really really really know much about this.

So for the next 50 weeks or so, I’m going to learn something about skin. This means I’m going to learn 50 things about skin – at a minimum. Don’t think I don’t know many things about skin already; I do know lots. I know, for example, that skin is the largest immune organ in our body, and its main purpose is to be a protectant. It protects our insides from the horrors and dangers of the outsides.

I know, unlike some of my clients who smoke, never wear sunblock, and drink soda and consider that drinking water, that the skin is not made out of concrete. It is made up of tissues and cells and lots of other things (see, lots to learn here) that are alive and need to be cleansed, nourished, hydrated, and protected in order to live, thrive, and survive.

Here are some things I don’t know:

  1. What does pH balance mean and why should I care that it’s balanced?

  2. What are ceramides?

  3. What do peptides do?

  4. Should I use glycolic or lactic acid, and why?And what does this all even mean?

  5. Why is squalene such a fabulous ingredient and what does it do?

  6. Really what do vitamins do for the skin?Like why are Vitamins A and C so anti agin?

  7. Is hyaluronic acid my friend or enemy?

I’m going to share what I learn about skin with you. Lucky! You’ll know some of the gems I share, probably, because we all know different things. And I am willing to bet a bottom’s dollar that I’ll share something with you that will be a complete revelation. What will be the most fun, I predict, is that the things I share will be a tiny, missing piece of a about something you already know. It’s going to be cool.

Stay tuned for my fascinating revelations about what I don’t know but I’ve learned and am passing on to you.

I will close this post with things I’ve learned recently in a skin care class at the Sanitas Training Institute in Louisville, Colorado:

  1. If you have sensitive, you are not alone.50% of the global population is affected by sensitive skin. (whoa, that’s half of the world’s population).

  2. Because we live in Colorado, we should drink 14-20 ounces more per day of water than half our body weight.

  3. If you have dry skin, you might actually have sensitive skin and should treat it accordingly.

  4. The skin has many layers, including the acid mantle, the stratum corneum, bilayers, cell membranes, and lymphatic/circulatory systems.

And each of these layers is designed to work in perfect harmony together to protect your insides AND be beautiful. Happy on the inside and out if you give what your skin what it needs and do the right thing.

Be happy – inside and out


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