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Take a Trip

I’m on a train as I'm writing this, heading to the other side of the state of Colorado. It has to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – to take this trip on the train, rather than staying home, or driving. Oh my goodness do we live in a beautiful state. And I have to say that Amtrak does a nice job. We had a great meal in the dining car, and the seats are rooooomy and the views are spectacular. You can walk around, go pee whenever you want, and the bathrooms are bigger than on an airplane. The train started moving and there were still people milling around in the walkway. SOOOO different than air travel.

I’m with my husband and my two kids. We’re going to Glenwood Springs. Our train was supposed to leave at 8:05 am, so we got up at 5:30 in the morning (aka the middle of the dark) and were at the station by 7:15.

That’s when we found out the train had been delayed 3 hours.

So….that means we sat around the train station for 3 hours. Until 11:05. At which time the train was still not there. It arrived around 11:30, and it was a quick 1.5 hours before we were on our way!

Nobody seemed upset. Neither of kids complained once. That’s one amazing, wonderful thing about my kids – they are not complainers. It’s as if they understand that whining isn’t going to help at all, and it won’t make me do something I’m can but aren’t. I’m a good mom, and my kids are good.

And then once the train started moving, at a very hopeful five miles an hour, it meandered through parts of Denver I’ve never seen. Which is interesting, because

I’ve lived in Denver for over 30 years. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, our bellies were full, and we were on our way. So let’s go with the flow.

The last time I was on a train was about 30 years ago, and I remember that I hated it. But my kids and husband and I wanted to get a way for a few days – so I found this trip online. We needed to get away. Sometimes I have to get away from myself, from my dogs, from my business. It’s important to get away, sit back, look out the window, listen to some music, and let someone else do the driving.

I’m not in charge. I don’t have to pay attention. I don’t have to worry.

And it feels soooo good!!! My soul is being mended and restored right now.

The long, busy stretch between Thanksgiving and New Years is over, and I am pooped. I needed to take this trip.

The views. Spectacular.

How did those mountains get there? Earth’s plates moved? Earthquake? Ice Age? I don’t know, and after I take a nap while someone else drives, I might look that up, because this train has wireless. And electrical plugs, so I can listen to music for yours, type for longer, and my devises don’t have to die.

And did I mention that I can get up whenever I want? And that I have plenty of room.

Train travel is the bomb.

Taking a trip is the bomb.

I am the bomb.

Why do I let myself get so tired?

So that I can feel better after I get some rest up?

Extreme fatigue and stress cannot be good for my body. Definitely not good for my spirit or soul.

So what am I going to do differently? I can’t do this again – I’m too old! And too smart.

Daily, weekly, monthly…. I need to take a trip. Whether in real life, on a real train or in a car or on plane or boat, I need to go somewhere. The cheapest way to do that is in my MIND.

I have the perfect room in my house to sit and meditate. I need to just do it, as the expensive sneakers manufacturer encourages.

Guided meditations can take me anywhere, and I just realized why I don’t participate in this…because I am too cheap. There are guided meditations available on apps that are $3 a year, and I can’t believe that I haven't realized that I’m worth $3 a year if it’s going to give me peace of mind, happiness, peace, rest, balance.

I’m going to take a trip to the app store after my second nap and get some apps.

I am worth it. And so are you. If there is something that you can do to make yourself happier, more at peace, more balanced, then I encourage you to do it. Take a trip to that place where you find these things. Sometimes it’s the journey where you’ll find it.

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