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Our first Triple Treatment Party!

We have always see our office like a place to make people happy. This is not the first or last time that you will read that statement in this blog. We love what we do, We truly change people life and bring happiness to them, which is why I thought it was a great idea start hosting parties.

On March 16th we hosted our first triple treatment party and we had so much fun.

Let me tell you, it's as exiting for us as scary because we wanted it to be great and I was not disappointed!

We had a happy hour time, with wine and snacks and skin tightening treatments and our friends loved it! Thanks to Ann Brecke and Brady Small for being a part.... and thanks to Karen for letting me snap this pix!

The triple treatment included 3 areas for skin tightening and we kept it professional but also very casual. That is the way I like things, but some of you guys already know that about me. Being all uptight is jut too boring, and life is all about having fun even when it doesn't make sense.

I love my clients, I can honestly say that we have fantastic people coming to us and we appreciate that immensely! It has been a long journey to get to this point and it makes me happy to celebrate with people who appreciate us.

I'm know it took me a little bit of time to share with you guys about this great time that we had, but I didn't want to skip this post.

Next time it will be even better!!

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