Real men do laser treatments... and get facials... and use skin products too. 

Check out this short list of some of our specialties.  Then schedule a no obligation, no pressure, no cost consultation with us. 

If you don’t see something you want on the list, just ask.

Meet us, ask us questions, see if you trust us. 

We’ve been around for a long time and have tons of experience. 

If we can help, we’ll tell you. 
If we can’t help you, we’ll be honest.

Trust us.


“My husband and I both had 3 of these treatments. We both noticed how much younger each other looked after a couple of months! Amazed that it is so affordable, so quick, and we can go out to dinner after the treatment.”

- Donna G. 

Do you have these concerns?

Unwanted hair, too many wrinkles and looking older than you feel, zits and acne scars, an old unwanted tattoo?

We can help. 

Laser Hair Removal:  Remove unwanted hair from back, shoulders, back of neck, front of neck, chest, abs, arms nose, ears, unibrow, hands, and feet…..and any other body area where you wish you were bare.  Any area where that you waxed….seriously?  Waxing is forever.  Laser takes an average of 10 treatments and you are hair-free and care-free.  From the nose to the toes and every area in between, laser hair removal permanently removes unwanted hair safely and quickly.  And our complimentary numbing cream makes it pain-free.  Don’t worry!  Try it!  You’ll probably like it!  We’ve been zapping men’s body parts since 2006.  We ensure you feel comfortable and safe. 

We’re confident you’ll be happy with our service. 


Laser Skin Tightening:  Look ten years younger by letting us laser your face and neck.  You will look younger.  You’ll have fewer wrinkles and fine lines.  Your skin will look brighter and healthier.  No pain, no down time, no worries.


Botox and Juvederm:  More and more, men are getting poked with these magic products.  Our nurse has over a decade of experience.  Nobody will know what you did; they’ll just be amazed at how great you look.

Facials:  Our anti-aging facials are designed to feed your skin the nutrients it needs to feel big and strong!  And look younger and better!  Warning:  these are not relaxing, massaging, oh I fell asleep facials (though they are sort of relaxing, massaging, and you might fall asleep).  They work hard!

Products:  Where do we begin?  Most men don’t use skin care products at all, and those who do only use a few things.  We vow to recommend only the basics, only the few that you need to improve the texture and elasticity in your skin.  Promise!

Adult Acne & Scars

Laser Acne Treatments:  Our laser is used by top dermatologists all over the world to quickly and safely clean out the bacteria in your glands.

Facials:  Our products get under your skin to the source of the acne and stimulate cleaning and rejuvenation.  As we said above, this is not a sissy facial.

Chemical Peel:  OK – so this IS for you if you want to get rid of the pimples and zits.  Don’t worry about the flaking skin – think more about turning over the different layers in your skin to reveal the fresh, new skin cells tucked away.  Our products are medical-grade, which means they get stuff done.

Unwanted Tattoos

Laser Tattoo Removal:  Sir, it is just time to get rid of that ugly or that inappropriate mess of color on your skin.  Our laser is a medical-grade, Class IV laser (which means it is a killing machine). 


There is no color of ink, and no color of skin that can interfere with our laser light.  Safe, effective, and pretty painless (with our numbing cream) you WILL have nothing to show for doing business with us. 


We’ll remove the ink and will NOT leave a scar.

Unwanted Hair

We're going to take very good care of you.

Information is power. So here's a a little background on the Laser Skin Tightening treatment at Smooth Skin Centers. 

How does Laser
Skin Tightening work? 

The Gentle Yag uses an intense infrared laser that wakes up the collagen deep under the skin’s surface; the outer layer of skin is not affected. The laser triggers the body's own healing response is triggered to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is what makes our skin tight, plump, juicy, and rosy. Gorgeous! Optimal results usually require three treatments about a month apart. 

What will your treatment
be like? 

A typical treatment on your face and neck will take about 20 minutes. Before we start, our technician will review your history and answer all your questions. We’ll clean the area to be treated and calibrate the Gentle Yag laser for your procedure. Then, you and the technician will don the appropriate safety goggles and the light work  begins!

What can you expect
after your treatment?

After your treatment, you'll look a little flush, like you’ve just come off the tennis court with a victory. We'll moisturize your skin and give you a good dose of sunscreen before leave (your skin will be sensitive to the sun). You'll immediately be able to shower, or apply makeup after a treatment. Post-treatment aftercare instructions are found here.