Hi. This is the page where you’ll find all the necessary paperwork we need completed prior to performing a treatment. DON’T WORRY – you probably don’t have to print and complete most of these forms. Just print out the forms you need for the treatment(s) you’re getting from us.

If you’re coming in for a consultation, please fill out the Client Information and Medical History form and bring it with you. You can also complete one in our office; be sure to arrive a few minutes earlier than you’re scheduled time.


1. If you’re getting a Laser or Injectable Treatment, please fill out the following forms:

Client Information and Medical History

Missed Appointment

2. If you’re getting a laser treatment, please fill out this form:
Laser Treatment Consent

3. If you’re getting Botox or Juvederm, please fill out this form:
Injectables Consent


Please print out the aftercare instructions for the type of treatment you’re scheduled for and bring this with you to your appointment. Your technician will review these instructions with you.

Laster Aftercare (for any laser treatment that is NOT hair removal)

Aftercare Instructions for Laser Treatments (for laser hair removal treatments)

Botox Juvederm Aftercare (if you’re getting something injected)