Laser Brown and Red Spot Removal

Brown and red spots can be easily removed with our FDA-approved lasers by Candela. It takes just a second (literally – one second) to affect a spot.

How Laser Spot Removal Works

The treatment of red spots, blood blisters, or angiomas (as they are called) is a simple procedure, where the distance gauge is placed around the spot, then a pulse of energy breaks up the red spot. It typically evolves into a darker blood blister, and within a few days, it shrinks and eventually disappears. One treatment is usually all that is required.

When treating brown, sun, or age spots, or sebaceous hyperplasia, the laser beam attacks the color in the spot. Within a few days, the pigment may crust up (like a scab) or swell like a blister, and then over the next several days, the scab or blister will begin to disintegrate. Once the scab or blister is gone, the skin may be a bit pink, but it will quickly be restored to blend with your skin tone. Additional treatments may be necessary for older, deeper spots.


Why Our Lasers are the Best:

When it comes to treating brown and red spots, our FDA-approved, medical grade lasers are the equipment to use. Our lasers are quite simply the fastest, most effective lasers on the market. We are able to be more aggressive in attacking the spots without leading to bruising or other contraindications like hyper pigmentation or hypo pigmentation. Your skin is safe, but your spots are on the hit list!

Preparation for the Treatment:

1. Do NOT pluck or wax for a week prior to your treatment.

2. DO shave the day prior to your laser treatment. There will be an additional charge if we need to shave you.

3. Avoid being in the sun without sunscreen on the area(s) you’re having treated for 10 days prior to your treatment. This includes sunless tanning products, tanning beds, and spray tanning. PLEASE stay out of a tanning bed or away from spray tan or sunless tanning products AT LEAST 10 days prior to your treatment. If you get spray tanned, please exfoliate any area we will be zapping prior to your treatment.

4. Also, don’t use prescribed Retin A on the area(s) to be treated for 7 days prior to your treatment, and be careful not to get a chemical peel or injection on any area we will be zapping for at least 7 days prior to your treatment (if you get Juvederm or any other similar filler, please consult your injector about the time you should wait before getting a laser treatment).

5. If you have used Accutane in the past, you must have been off this product for at least six months prior to the treatment. If you currently take any prescribed acne medication, you’ll need to get your doctor’s permission in order to receive a laser treatment.

6. We do not perform laser treatments on pregnant women.

7. Print and complete the Client Information and Medical History, the Laser Treatment Consent, and the Missed Appointment forms found here, and bring them with you to your appointment.

8. Your appointment will be confirmed via an email reminder, as well as a text message from our office, no later than the day prior to your appointment. Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time. Because appointments often take less than ten minutes, if you are running more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, we will have to reschedule your appointment. If this happens, or if you should need to cancel your appointment on the same day of your treatment (or if you forget about it) or are unable to give us an 18-hour notice that you need to change or cancel your appointment, you will be assessed a minimum of $35 per 15-minutes we have scheduled for your appointment. If you have too recent sun exposure and we are unable to do your treatment, or if you have too recent sun exposure and we have to reschedule your appointment, you will be assessed a fee of a minimum of $35 per 15-minute time period we have reserved for you.

During the Treatment:

Since you’ll be bringing in your completed forms, our technician will review your history and answer all your questions. You’ll need to remove clothing from any area we’re treating. We’ll ensure there is no hair present on the area(s) we’re treating, then clean the area to be treated. We’ll calibrate the laser based on your skin type, then you and the technician will don the appropriate safety goggles. Let the zapping begin! If you find the treatment too intense, or if you have a low tolerance for pain, there is a topical anesthetic available for purchase from our office.

Length of Time for the Treatment:

A spot treatment is scheduled for a 20-minute minimum, which includes time for the sharing of information. We typically zap for about 10 minutes, and in this time we can usually treat up to 400 spots! Whether you have one spot or 400, we spend about 20 minutes with you.

After the Treatment:

Your skin and spots may temporarily be red, dark, or bruised. Your skin will be sensitive to the sun, so you’ll apply sunscreen before you leave our office. We have sunscreen for your use, so don’t worry about bringing in your own (though you can if you want). You will be able to go about your life after the treatment, and you can shower, apply makeup, etc. In other words, there’s no down time after a laser spot treatment, though the spots do look very aggravated. Post treatment aftercare instructions are found here: (link to aftercare instructions)


“This was a very warm and friendly experience. I appreciate your service!”
Jeanie R.

“My experience with my first laser treatment was very comfortable and the people were very friendly, and fun!”
Jeanne M.

“The laser did a really nice job. I’m glad I did it.”

Ronitte W.